Current HOD

Dr. Shafiu Mohammed

Welcome Message From The Head

Pharmacy education has a strong scientific and laboratory based curriculum. With the shift of focus from product to patient, change is strongly proposed to strengthen Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology in the curriculum. This is because there is a need for pharmacists to be integrated into the Health Care Team and to play a more participatory role in patient care. This will encourage pharmacists to develop critical thinking and clinical problem solving skills.

In the light of this focus; the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria (PCN), the statutory body regulating pharmacy education and practice in Nigeria has directed all schools of Pharmacy to create a department of clinical pharmacy. Following accreditations by the National Universities Commission, NUC in 2005 and Pharmacists Council of Nigeria in 2006, both independently recommended the establishment of the department. The faculty decided to create the department of clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice from the then department of pharmacology and clinical pharmacy. As a consequence, the faculty board set up a committee composed of the head of departments of pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical microbiology, pharmacology and clinical pharmacy, and three pharmacists from ABUTH to draw up the course structure of this proposed department. Eventually, the department set up in 2008. The department resides in the old pharmacy block.

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